20/30/40m trapped end fed. Nice!

20/30/40m trapped end fed. by Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF



Because of the purchase of the MTR-3B, the ultimate portable HF radio, I decide to make the lighter station as possible.

So, I have the MTR-3B, the Pico Palm Paddle, a small pack of NiMH batteries. I miss a friendly antenna that could transported in a small bag.
The trapped dipole and a light phishing pole were the solution !

After a few activations with this set I wonder if I could make it simpler.
The dipole needs to be in rolls to transport, so, why not a light « one-roll » antenna ?
Why not an EFHW ???
I don’t want use an ATU. So, it should be ressonant.

Based on a 1:8 Unun (offer of CT1DTE) I decided to try it.

On the sunny afternoon of sunday, Sept 18, at my brother-in-law home (wonderful place near river Vouga, Aveiro), I installed the pole and the wow factor started…

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